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Our real estate company CPL Group is based out of Accra, which is Ghana's capital city. We provide our clients with a vast selection of new homes that are available for sale. Not only do we have new residences available for sale, but we also have elegant luxury properties. Our properties are located all throughout Accra's Central locations. When we work with our clients to help them find suitable properties for their needs, we listen carefully.

At CPL Group, diligence is always our priority, no exceptions. When we discuss available properties with our clients, we're highly thorough and detailed. If a client is searching for a large apartment in a chic neighborhood, for example, we'll go out of our way to help him find a property that is appropriate for that specific need. If a client is on the lookout for a townhouse that's merely minutes away from many schools, dining establishments and shops, we'll do exactly the same. We're dedicated to ensuring maximum convenience and comfort for all of our clients. When we work with a client, we're never satisfied unless he or she is, too.

When a client is on board with CPL Group, he or she never has to fear walking away anything less than completely happy.